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ConsentLawyers.com is an initiative from the British-American law firm McAllister Olivarius to combat the spreading of people’s intimate images online without their permission – what is commonly called “revenge porn” or “image-based sexual abuse.”

ConsentLawyers.com is designed for non-lawyers. It offers self-help tools allowing victims to learn more about revenge porn and what they can do to fight back. These include a guide to local laws, explanations of civil versus criminal claims, a guide to making takedown requests to major sites, a glossary of key legal terms, and practical steps for regaining control.

The site also provides an innovative questionnaire allowing people who need specific legal advice to explain their circumstances to ConsentLawyers’ legal team so a low-cost consultation can be scheduled.  If the law provides a remedy and the client wishes to go forward, McAllister Olivarius can then offer all forms of civil litigation, including investigation, cease and desist letters, lawsuits and trial.

Our team is able to operate in the UK and nine US states. We are familiar with the concerns victims commonly face, including those in the LGBTQ+ community and people who have been victimized across international borders.


A landmark revenge porn case

Our firm represented YouTube sensation Chrissy Chambers in a landmark UK revenge porn case against her former partner. Ultimately, Ms. Chambers was successful in obtaining a significant financial settlement and the rights to her own images. We’re proud to represent Ms. Chambers, as well as similar survivors of image-based abuse around the globe.

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