Phone Calls and Text Messages

Most mobile phones let you block other users when you want to stop receiving their messages and phone calls. This may be an appropriate course of action if someone is sending you harassing or offensive messages, or if you simply want to prevent someone from contacting you.

While it is hurtful and upsetting to receive offensive messages or repeated phone calls, please keep in mind that if you want to pursue a legal case, you need to have evidence. So, you should weigh the harm caused by continuing to receive more messages with the importance of potentially strengthening your case by getting more evidence. Contact us if you want to learn more about your options.

The method of blocking someone depends on your device and its operating system. For example, if you have an iPhone 8 with an iOS 11 operating system, the way to block a contact will differ from someone with a Samsung Galaxy S10 and Android 8.0 operating system. Because there are so many device models and operating systems, we cannot provide an exhaustive guide on this site. Nevertheless, you can usually find instructions online as long as you know your device and operating system. This information can usually be found in the “Settings” on your device. After you have the information, include it in a search with “how to block contact.” If you need further help, contact your network provider.

AnnaPhone calls and text messages


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