Snapchat Takedowns

Snapchat’s policy:

“We prohibit accounts that promote or distribute pornographic content. Don’t take Snaps of people in private spaces, like someone’s home, a bathroom, dressing room, or locker room, without their knowledge and consent. If someone is in your Story and asks you to remove it, please do. We don’t tolerate bullying or harassment on Snapchat. Don’t Snap with the intention of making someone feel bad. If someone blocks you, it’s not okay to contact them from another account.”

Snapchat has been working lately to improve its methods of reporting abuse, including harassment, bullying, and other safety concerns.

In some countries, the following features have been made available to report abuse directly through the Snapchat app:

  • Reporting a Snapchat story: “To report a Story in an Our Story, Search, Map, Custom Story, or Group Story, press and hold on the content until a 🏳 button appears in the bottom left corner. Tap it to let us know what’s going on — we’ll do our best to help!”
  • Reporting a Snap you have received: “To report a Snap you’ve received, press and hold on the Snap until a 🏳 button appears in the bottom left corner. Tap it to report the Snap and let us know about the offensive content!”
  • Reporting an account for offensive content: “To report an account, press and hold on that Snapchatter’s name, tap the three dots, and tap ‘Report’ to let us know what’s going on. Or, press and hold on the Snapchatter’s name, tap ‘More,’ and tap ‘Report.’”
  • Blocking a user: “To block a friend, go to a chat with that friend. Tap the button in the top-left to open the menu. Tap ‘Block Friend’.”

If the above features are not available in your area, you can report abuse directly to the Snapchat support site.

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