Twitter takedowns

Twitter’s policy:

 “Posting another person’s private and confidential information is a violation of Twitter’s rules.”

Twitter has a number of ways to report unwanted content.

  • Reporting users who spread non-consensual pornography: If a user is spreading your private photos or videos without your approval, you can file a report here.
  • Reporting users who spread other private information: If a user is spreading your private information, such as your contact details or your government-issued ID, you can file a report here.
  • Reporting users who are abusive or harassing: If you received an abusive or harassing message, including threats involving physical safety or well-being, fill out this form.
  • Reporting copyright infringement: If you own copyright to content that is being shared on Twitter, you can report it here. Please note that this will initiate a DMCA complaint, which will result in Twitter sharing the complaint and your contact details with the alleged violator.  For more information, please read Twitter’s Copyright and DMCA Policy.
  • Reporting actual tweets and direct messages: If you see a tweet or receive a message and it is spam, abusive or harmful, or constitutes impersonation, copyright, or trademark violations, you can report the individual tweets or messages in addition to reporting the users generally, as per above—follow the guidelines here.

Click here for more information on Twitter’s reporting procedures.

AnnaTwitter takedowns


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