Yahoo takedowns

Yahoo’s policy:

“Yahoo deeply respects the privacy of our users and takes matters of abuse very seriously. We are committed to providing an enjoyable and harassment-free experience on our network, and as part of that commitment, Non-Consensual Pornography is not tolerated.”

There are different ways to report, depending on which Yahoo site was used to post the content.

  • For content posted on Flickr: Go to the Flickr website on your computer. At the bottom of the page that contains the photo or video, click “Report abuse,” then select “Intimate content posted without my consent.”
  • For content posted on Yahoo Answers: Hover over the content with your mouse and click the flag icon, then select “I think this question violates the Terms of Service.”
  • For content posted on Yahoo Groups: Hover over the photo and click the down arrow icon, then click “Report Photo.” In the “Reason” field, make sure to note that you appear in an intimate image without your consent and provide any other relevant info.
  • For content appearing in a Yahoo Search: Open a case with Yahoo using this form. Let them know you appear in an intimate image without your consent. Make sure to include, if you have it, the Yahoo ID of reported user, the URL of the search results page, the URL of the content you are reporting, search terms used to find the content, and any other relevant information.

In any of these reporting methods, you may be asked to provide a legible copy of your photo ID and the URL where the content is posted. Yahoo’s site promises, “If we need a photo ID for this investigation, we’ll verify your identity and then immediately destroy copies of your photo ID to protect your privacy. Under no circumstances do we retain your documents for our files, and we’d never sell or share this info with others.”

You can find Yahoo’s full guide to reporting abuse here.

AnnaYahoo takedowns


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