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Pornhub Needs To Change – Or Shut Down, The Guardian

on 9th March 2020

“Here in the UK we are now waiting to hear what the new online harms bill will offer in terms of regulating the porn industry. There is no independent or government-linked body which monitors the content commercialised porn companies are promoting.

Pornhub hide themselves behind freedom of expression and argue that all sexual fantasies on their site are just that: legitimate fantasies acted out by consenting adults. They have defended the “young teen” and “drunk stolen snapchat” categories as legitimate fantasy protected by freedom of speech.

Let me be clear: this isn’t about censorship or stifling kinks – there are plenty of ethical porn companies who have strong systems in place to ensure everyone involved in production is a consenting adult. This is about a huge corporation profiting from non-consensual videos – and an industry that publishes abusive content with no regulatory body or government holding them to account.

The question remains: how much longer will we tolerate the commercialisation of non-consensual content before this government takes a stand?

And will it have to happen to you before you care?”

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Eva Hoier GreenePornhub Needs To Change – Or Shut Down, The Guardian


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